OPGELEGD WERK (Mandatory Piece) on CANVAS may 21st at 18h15

Check this beautifull documentary about the Queen Elisabeth contest 2015 on Canvas !!
The documentary shows a unique view behind the scenes of this contest. We follow 12 contenders during their preparation period where they go in isolation untill the actual contest. No contact with the outside world, no phones, no computers.
Opgelegd Werk (Mandatory Piece) is a sensitive and unique document, not to be missed !!

Audio Post Production by Eneas Mentzel Sound Recording & Sound Design

NEW RELEASE: DARK DEEPSEA DRONES – now available on Sonniss.com -


An unusual collection of deep, dark rumbling and slightly aquatic drones.

Each drone tells a story that is represented by the title of that drone.

The pack was created with different uses in mind.From synchronization (chopped up or as a whole) to further sound design and or as a deep, relaxing listening experience.

9 drones, ranging from 2 to over 12 minutes in length for a total of over 58 minutes.
32bit / 96khz.

With this pack I wanted to use a fresh, different approach to the drone concept,

Support Eneas Mentzel Sound Recording & Sound Design and get a copy of Dark Deepsea Drones!

Artwork by Annemie Van Roey

13 year old rapper from Molenbeek releases music video.


I am proud to announce that Sonniss.com , one of the world’s most innovative Sound Effects website, has released my sample library: Sounds of Senegal !!!

Over 3GB and 3 hours of ambiences of all kind. Everything meta tagged and recorded with a passionate ear.
Support Eneas Mentzel Sound Recording & Sound Design and get your copy here!

Sounds of SenegalPhoto & artwork by Annemie van Roey

Talibé documentary distributed in Portugal and Austria !!

Thanks to Journeyman Films, our documentary about the Talibé has been sold (after being picked up by Vranckx in Belgium) to Portuguese and Austrian TV channels !!!
The goal of the docu is to show what is going on without judging. To bring a balanced image and clearly point out what the source of these problems is – poverty and the abscence of an involved government. Sound recording and editing by Eneas Mentzel – Sound Recording & Sound Design.


I am happy to announce that from now on I’ll be using TENTACLE SYNC as timecode utility !






Feature Film ‘SOMER’ to be released in May 2016

SOMER is a feature film written by Dominique Willaert. A co production between Victoria Deluxe and Potemkino, it tells the story of very different but yet similar people on a campsite at the Belgian coast.


My jobs on the project: Location Sound Mixer / Audio Post Production (Sound Editing, Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, ADR, Foley – in co operation with 4Audio) / Mix




Sphinx Cinema

vr 27.05.16 om 20u
zo 29.05.16 om 14u30
di 31.05.16 om 20u
vr 03.06.16 om 20u
zo 05.06.16 om 14u30
di 07.06.16 om 20u
vr 10.06.16 om 20u
zo 12.06.16 om 14u30
di 14.06.16 om 20u


Cinecirq DOK


vr 05.08.16



De Roma


vr 03.06.16 om 20u30





wo 01.06.16 om 18u
vr 03.06.16 om 20u15
ma 06.06.16 om 20u15


Camping RACB


vr 08.07.16


Camping De Lombarde


za 09.07.16


Cultureel Centrum


wo 08.06.16 om 21u



Tears of Harmony Wins Roma Doc Film Festival – Best International Short Film


Winner Roma Cinema Doc Festival – Best International Short Film.
I did the complete sound for the film (Sound Recording & Full audio post production !! )

Izotope RX5 Advanced Audio Editor joins my setup

Release Documentary : Haïti, de parel van de Antillen


Documentary about Haïti, 5 years after the earthquake that killed over 200.000 people. Made by Arne Gillis and Wouter Elsen. Audio Post Production and voice over recording/editing by Eneas Mentzel