Eneas Mentzel |Sound recording & sound design


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Wat hebben we verdiend vandaag ?

Documentary about farming in Belgium. We follow 6 farmer families and discover what drives them, what holds them back, how the consumer's perception is of influence ,....

My job: Research, Sound Recording, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Foley and Mix

Mijn weg / tariqui / ma route

Documentary about 16 young muslims in Ghent and how they experience their religion and what it means to them.

My job: Sound Editing / Dialogue Editing / Sound Design / Sound Mixing of the full documentary

OPGELEGD WERK (Imposed Piece)

Documentary about the Queen Elisabeth Contest 2015 (a Caviar production)

My job: Sound Editing / Dialogue Editing / Sound Design / Sound Mixing

Wat wil je dan

Music video by SI-G and Omar-G (Stikstof) linked to an upcoming documentary project.

My job: Sound Design (SFX, Foley) / Sound Editing

Talibe, a youth devoted to Allah

Documentary by Eneas Mentzel, Wouter Elsen and Arne Gillis about Talibé children in Senegal. With on the field support from photographer Annemie Van Roey.

My job: Sound Recording / Sound Editing / Dialogue Editing / Sound Mixing

Haiti, parel van de Antillen

Documentary by Arne Gillis & Wouter Elsen about Haïti, 5 years after the earthquake that killed over 200.000 people.

My job: Audio Post Production (Dialogue Editing / Sound Editing / Voice Over Recording & Editing / Sound Mixing)

Buffalo forever

Documentary by Brecht Vanhoenacker, produced by Victoria Deluxe. A human portrait of 12 football fans.

My job: Sound Recording